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Charlie Wakefield

County and National Circuit Player

James’ dynamic, hands on and extremely knowledgeable approach to coaching stems from his background as an elite level player training with some of the best coaches in the national setup and competing on the European circuit.

James patiently implements a variety of effective and personalised coaching techniques to bring out the very best in his players. From my experience working with James in his role as Head Coach at the UEA, I would unequivocally recommend Badminton Evolution to anyone looking to improve their game, at all levels of ability and experience.

Stephen Willis: UKCC level 3 Badminton Coach

Coaching In Denmark

I first met James as a young player from Norfolk during my DKway badminton camp in Denmark and he was part of 25 players taking steps to seek new inspiration and knowledge to broaden badminton ability.

James returned to Denmark in 2023 at DKway camp a fine accomplished player/coach and looking to pass his knowledge and experience to the next generations. James will continue to use his Danish connection to take his coaching to new levels. His open-minded look at badminton outside Norfolk and UK will be of huge benefit for all his players.

Cuomu and Rhys

Social Players

Our badminton coaching experience with James has been great from the get go. James not only understands our individual needs but also creates a supportive and motivating environment that makes practising together super fun.
The personalised attention has truly boosted our confidence on the court, and James’ passion and professionalism is contagious. We look forward to our sessions every week, knowing that we’re improving our skills and being supported while doing so. It’s more than just badminton lessons; it’s a great journey to have been on together.

Rhianna Hudson

Junior County Player

During sessions James delivers such a brilliant balance between fun and hard work. Additionally, as he has such a wide knowledge of the game, he can correct mistakes within seconds. 

Lewis Plaistow

Senior Club/County Player

James’ coaching is perfect for more advanced players trying to improve specific aspects of their game. He has improved many of my bad habits and will take you to the next level

Will Sadler

Lincolnshire Senior County Player

James is a very approachable and friendly coach, who delivers great sessions. Always look forward to training!

Enosh Kung

Junior county/national player

James is a very nice and skilled coach. I have improved a lot with his guidance- developing my tactical awareness and technique. 

Chris B

Social Player

James is a fantastic badminton coach with endless patience. He goes out of his way to give tips and find methods to help with things that are difficult for you.

James is always professional but makes the sessions varied and fun so that I always look forward to my weekly lessons.

Sam Gerrard

Senior Club/Masters County Player

James is an exceptional coach. He’s always believed in me and pushed me to work hard and improve my game. He accurately identifies my weaknesses and is relentless in his drive to strengthen them.


Before I started training with James, I was a lower league club player, but now I have progressed to representing the county Masters team


Social Player

James is very good at coaching people at any level. He can handle coaching people at differing levels of ability at the same time very well, and gives helpful advice on how to improve your skills.


He offers a very supportive and energetic environment to his sessions, which really helps new players to be encouraged to improve at the sport.


Social Player

James accommodates for every ability level and caters his sessions accordingly to your needs and the skills you wish to improve upon. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a supportive, uplifting and patient coach.


I have no regrets working with him and will seek to do so again, in the future. He's an inspiring, adaptive coach and a fantastic, fun and friendly individual in general. I wouldn't be playing at a high level without his help.

Rob Taylor

Senior Club Player

I would say this was the best decision I have made for my badminton as James has improved my whole game. A must for anyone no matter what level you are. Thanks, James, for all your help A*

Anthony Tan-Lawler

Norfolk Senior County/ National Circuit Player

James is an excellent coach, who tailors his sessions perfectly to suit his client’s needs and creates sessions that are both appropriately challenging and very enjoyable


Social/Club Player

I really like the sessions. James was very flexible- you can ask him for any specific things you want to work on. James also introduced us to a new social sessions we could join.

Callum Plaistow

Senior Club Player

What an excellent coach, I’ve always struggled with my backhand, and he fixed it within 2 sessions. Very informative and worthwhile if you’re looking to improve.

Neil Parfitt

Senior Club Player

James helped me go from a complete novice to a strong player. He was polite, professional and always encouraged me to achieve my goals.

Jerry Dye

Social Player

James has seriously improved my game. He covers all aspects meticulously and I’m now very confident to play at a competitive level. James has also coached my children who have also improved immensely with their game and confidence within a sports environment.


Social Player

James always makes the sessions fun but with a good sense of purpose. Excellent explanation of technique and ability to plan the lesson for my needs.


Senior Club Player

James is a friendly, calm and focused coach with a broad experience. What he does very well is identifying your needs and making helpful suggestions which ultimately leads to improving your game.

Lakshmi Kumari BV

Senior Club Player

I had the privilege of being coached by an incredible badminton instructor. James made the learning process enjoyable and effective. 


His dedication to refining skills shines through, creating an enriching badminton experience. Highly recommended for anyone aiming to up their game!

Sam Row

Senior Club Player

James is able to break down concepts into a simpler format in a patient and easy way to understand, he is able to identify strengths and weaknesses and work with you on how to improve them while still keeping sessions entertaining

Ben Sharman

Senior Club/County Player

James has helped improve the aspects of my game I struggled with- especially my controlled shots and he taught me to serve consistently after many years of struggling with the low backhand serve.

Chris Zhao

Senior Club Player

James is a great coach, can cater to all abilities and was able to actively address my weaknesses and help develop my game. 

Daniel C

Senior Club Player

James is a fantastic badminton coach who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. He gives really specific feedback about what I can improve about my game and clearly demos how I should be doing it. I feel like I am learning a lot each session and having lots to go away and work on in-between coaching sessions.

Keith S

Senior Club Player

To be able to access James’ high level  of coaching in group sessions  is remarkable value. Each session is focused on one area of the game which really allows you to make the required adjustments. 


There is always a clear explanation of exactly how to play a shot and the pitfalls most of us fall into. It is really refreshing to be improving at a sport  whilst in my 50’s.

Graham D

Senior Club player

I have been coached by James for 3 years and he is very patient as you learn how to play a stroke correctly. James works with you, correcting you so you get it right. Apart from the learning, it is a good work out for an hour!

John M

Social player

James is a personable, professional badminton coach who provides motivational coaching that is tuned to all levels of playing ability. I would recommend James.

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